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Why now is the perfect time to make your next career move

Why now is the perfect time to make your next career move

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​The tables have turned; candidates are calling the shots. There’s never been a better time to change jobs.

It’s no secret that we’re in a candidate’s market. Businesses are finally in a position where they are ready to rehire or expand post-covid. With so many competitors in the ring, employers are using new strategies to win the fight over top talent.

How we work has changed so much as a result of the pandemic. Employers expectations have changed, and employees expectations have changed. For example, we realised that working from home has many benefits to both employee and employer. As a result, businesses are changing their ways of working to align with the new expectations of what work looks like. This makes now the best time to join a company that aligns with your values.

Here’s why there’s never been a better time to move jobs.


Employers are changing what work looks like to meet candidate expectations

CEO of LinkedIn, Ryan Roslansky, says he’s seeing many leaders rethink what their businesses mean, how their employees work, where they work. They’re rethinking their cultures, and even updating their values. After seeing how practical flexible working can be, many employers have made it normal for their employees to work from home or arrange flexible working if they wish to do so.


Businesses in all industries are creating new roles and expanding their operations

We’re seeing businesses hire a diverse range of roles in the insurance industry, including claims, broking, account executive roles, underwriting, and loss adjusting roles. Our colleagues have noticed that their manufacturing customers have dramatically increased their need for technical workers and those who possess analytical skills.


Candidates have more choosing power due to the market being candidate short

The pandemic has made it harder for skilled migrants to enter the country, which has further tightened the market. However, with plenty of roles available and businesses changing the way their businesses operate, candidates have the opportunity to choose a company that better aligns with their values and needs.

Our normal way of working has changed. We’ve had a taste of the new way of working. We’ve all had a chance to figure out what we like and don’t like.

Do you like to work from home a few days each week? Do you like a company that’s actively making a difference in the world? What type of people do you like to work with?

No matter your request, you now have grounds to negotiate due to the candidate shortage.

In no way am I encouraging you to ask for a highly inflated salary package. Asking for a salary beyond your experience level has its downsides; for example, performance expectations will be much higher. I’m referring to having the opportunity to negotiate for benefits such as flexible working that you may not have had pre-pandemic.


What could you ask for?

How much you earn is always a motivator, but would you prefer to work somewhere you aren’t engaged but earn a high salary or prefer somewhere you love to work regardless of how much you make? Here are some things you could ask for:

  • Flexible working arrangements

  • Health and fitness benefits

  • Specific office space requests

  • Carpark or travel allowances

  • Different or more responsibilities than in your previous/current role

  • Professional education or development opportunities

Bargaining power is not limited to new job applicants. If you believe you deserve more benefits or a change in your work life, have a look at our list of things you can ask your boss for instead of more money.


TL;DR? Watch our video below!

This video was filmed before Melbourne's lockdown!

If you’re keen to start a new role and find a company that aligns with your values and ambitions, check out our job page here and apply today!

About the Author

Amy Hatfield
Account Manager


Amy joined the Fuse Family in January 2019 specialising in Insurance and Wealth Management roles across Australia. She supports her team members by ensuring she is speaking to the best talent in the industry.

Amy takes the time to get to know candidates, discuss their career goals and help them find that perfect role. Amy’s worked with junior staff who are starting out in their careers, as well as senior team members with established careers wanting to take the next step.

It’s well worth having a chat with Amy even if you’re not actively looking as she’ll keep you up to date with upcoming roles that you’d be interested in.​

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