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Everything you need to prepare for the Future Insure Virtual Assessment Centre

Everything you need to prepare for the Future Insure Virtual Assessment Centre

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​Congratulations! You’ve made it to the next stage and one step closer to entering a rewarding career.

The insurance industry is one of the largest industries in Australia and, with approximately 50% of the industry’s workforce looking to retire in the next 10-15 years, there are endless opportunities for young professionals to take the reins and develop a solid career in insurance.

The Future Insure Assessment Centre is your chance to demonstrate what you will bring to a graduate role and why you want to join the industry. It is essentially a group interview. You’ll be competing against other graduates who have the same agenda so it’s a good idea to come prepared.

Here are Fuse Recruitment’s top tips to ace the assessment centre and be invited to our career’s day:


1. Fuel yourself!

You want to bring your A-game to any interview. Get a good night’s rest before the interview. Have some food and water before the session to power your brain and stop your stomach from rumbling during it! This will ensure you have enough energy to take you through to the end of the session.


2. Prepare for your presentation

Before the session, we will give you a topic to discuss. The assessor will look for your understanding of the topic and how well you communicate your message. You’re not expected to be an expert but having an understanding will help you communicate well. You can have notes, but we don’t want to see you reading. Remember, this is a high energy industry where communication skills will determine a lot of your success. Being able to speak confidently will set you apart from other candidates.

We recommend doing your research, so you are well versed in the subject. Be prepared for any questions that may come your way. For example, you may be asked to further explain your answer. Finally, practice, practice and practice; just like you would for any other presentation!


3. Bring your interview skills

Show that you are paying attention. Maintain eye contact when being spoken to and subtly nod to show you understand. Although this is a video interview, body language applies too. Sit up straight with your shoulders relaxed and make sure to face the camera.

It’s natural to be nervous! Smiling can help you to relax and feel less tense. Try to speak calmly too, it can be easy to speak too fast when you’re nervous. And, to stop you from fidgeting when you’re nervous, remove anything from your desk that you might play with.


4. Dress to impress

The assessor will look for someone who can present themselves professionally. There is a high chance that you will be presenting yourself in front of clients once you enter the industry. Your assessor wants to make sure you can fit the part.

We recommend dressy business attire – a smart button-up shirt, well-ironed jacket or blazer and neatly brushed hair.


5. All video interview etiquette applies

How you present yourself doesn’t stop at how you dress. So, make sure you are in a room that is well lit and free from distractions. The light should be behind you, not the camera, otherwise, we won’t be able to see you!

Ensure that you don’t have items laying around in the background that are inappropriate or make your room look messy. To be on the safe side, you have the option to blur your background when you are waiting in the lobby before the session starts.


6. Check your tech

Make sure your internet connection is stable and that, if using a laptop, it is connected to the charger to ensure you don’t drop out.

Sit your screen high enough for you to maintain a comfortable seating position. Don’t forget to use a comfortable chair too.

Ensure your headset and microphone are working. It is a good idea to test these before the session and again when you join using the sound test function. We recommend using a headset or headphones to ensure your audio is as clear as possible for the other people in the session.

Your camera should be facing you straight on. Weird angles can be distracting and make you look like you are not paying attention.

Finally, turn your phone on silent. Even better, put it in the other room!


7. Ensure you have all the correct details and solve any technical issues before the session

Prior to the session, you will receive a link to access the meeting room. Double-check the date and time and block out in your calendar so you don’t double book yourself and can focus your full attention.

It is a good idea to log in 10 minutes early and wait in the lobby just in case any problems arise. If there are any issues, you can solve them without being too stressed for time or arriving late to the session. If you need help, you can always call your Fuse Consultant for help. The session will start on time to ensure everything can be covered.


Following these tips will help you stand out from your competitors and increase your likelihood of being offered a Future Insure Graduate position!

Good luck! We can’t wait to meet you!

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About the Author

Sarah Frank
Recruitment Resourcer

​​Sarah has joined Fuse Recruitment from New Zealand after being in the insurance industry for almost three years. She is joining the Insurance and Wealth Management team as a Recruitment Resourcer and will bring with her a wealth of experience in the industry.

With her industry experience and over 8 years of being in client-facing roles, Sarah prides herself on delivering a high level of customer service and building positive relationships. After recently completing her Human Resources degree, Sarah is eager to help candidates through the recruitment process and take the next step in their careers.

If you'd like to work with Sarah, you can call her on 0412 905 729 or, click here to see her current job opportunities!