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My First Week at Fuse: Daniel Bercolli

My First Week at Fuse: Daniel Bercolli

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​Daniel gets into his first week at Fuse!


My first day at Fuse was full of information. Working over all the relevant programs used to source and manage candidates (Bullhorn, Seek, LinkedIn, CareerOne, AdCourier, Sparkhire and Sourcr). As I am new to the recruitment process it was a pretty general overview led by Aaron (who was clear and concise in why we use these programs). We will explore the features and uses of them more in depth as the week progresses. I completed some candidate profiles which gave me a good start on what information our clients are after about the candidates.


Day two at Fuse I was given a more comprehensive overview of the recruitment process and the steps/factors taken into consideration. The team also had a welcome morning tea for me which was very thoughtful. I got more acquainted with Bullhorn and started to use it to complete some reference checks. Aaron gave me an overall rundown on the insurance and wealth management roles of recruitment and the different branches within each.


Today I sat in on an interview of a candidate with Aaron to begin to understand the process and approach taken. It was informative to observe the way Aaron interacted with the client, and then afterwards debrief and discuss the why of the interview questions. I also had an overview of Spark Hire and Sourcr with Amy which was very helpful. I continued to follow up candidates for references and complete more reference checks, already starting to understand that it can sometimes be a difficult task extracting the information we would like to know about our candidates. I also had an in depth strategy overview run by Cam in which he discussed the values of Fuse and its future goals.


This morning I had a session with Matt on how we structure our rates and pricing. It was good to get an insight as to how this is done and contributes to Fuse and its overall strategy. I then had a Seek Essentials webinar to learn all the ins and outs of Seek, which will be used heavily in my role as a Resourcer. Shaun also ran me over some Bullhorn searching techniques and how we use Bullhorn and other platforms to source candidates. The afternoon was the monthly channel meeting where I learnt about the how our targets are set and met both short and long term.


Aaron and I ran over some Bullhorn training and how we implement different aspects within our team. I sat in on a lot of interviews with the rest of the Fuse team to see different interview styles and questions asked to help round out my interview knowledge. I also received a few candidates to schedule interviews with and begin the recruitment process for placing them in jobs. My first week at Fuse has been full of training and information with a great onboarding process. The whole Fuse Brisbane team have been supportive and great to be around. I look forward to building my skills and developing as a recruiter, with the support of a great team.

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