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My First Week at Fuse: Senada Mednolucanin

My First Week at Fuse: Senada Mednolucanin

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Senada has joined our team as a Recruitment Resourcer in the Adelaide office. Here's what her first week as part of the Manufacturing team looked like!


It was my first day and I received and very warm welcome from the team. Adam, the Branch Manager, even went out of his way and got the office coffees and everyone knows that caffeine is the best way to start any workday! Most of my day was spent activating all the sites that we utilise (sourcr, seek, careerone just to name a few) and learning the ropes on the main software that is utilised, Bullhorn. Emma had a walkthrough at Orora Glass around lunch time and I had the opportunity to tag along and see what our candidates do when they are placed there. All in all, it was a successful first day on the job, it was very insightful and extremely informative that I feel as though I’ll still be trying to process all that information in the months to come.


I felt more comfortable in the office, not just with the team but within the office space that I had claimed as my own. I spent the morning going through applications and sorting through potential candidates and unsuccessful ones. I was a little nervous to call my very first candidate for a pre-screen, but I figured once the first one is over and done with, the rest of them will be easier (candidate did not answer). A call came into the office for a possible candidate that was looking for work and that was how I took the plunge and did my very first unintentional pre-screen. And I was right, the others came easy. Every step of the way and with every interaction, I had support from the team. They were always there to answer my questions and help me out when I was unsure which made everything much easier and less daunting for me. I even booked TWO interviews with potential candidates for Wednesday afternoon, so I am also deeming my second day on the job, a success.


Wednesday was a day for me in the office, I think the best word to describe it would be “chaotic”. I had a marketing introduction via Teams, and a SEEK essentials training seminar via zoom. I got to witness first hand the downs of recruitment and how hard it can sometimes be to find the right candidate to fill a job. I screened quite a few candidates that day and had two interviews in the office, one for a Civil role that I conducted with Bernadette by my side, and the other for Production. Although I’ll be specialising in Production, being able to interview someone for Civil was good exposure and experience for a sector that I hadn’t delved into yet. There was plenty to do that it felt like there wasn’t enough time in the day. Between phone calls, sending out emails, sending out inductions and calling references, the day flew by quite quickly!


Thursday was the first time I utilised the skills I learned during my SEEK training seminar and I accessed seek talent to find potential candidates. I came across viable candidates for roles that we were trying to fill, however I did find the lack of responses and call backs quite disheartening. Today was the day that my branch manager’s advice really came to the forefront of my mind. “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” was what he told me the first day and it really made the disappointments feel minuscule and easier to get past where I was able to keep chasing that “win”. There were lows that day, but also highs and the latter was all that mattered!


It was the branch managers birthday on Thursday, so on Friday the office took in some treats, and we had a shared lunch, which was another way to connect with the others in the office. Even though at this point, I had only been in the office and working with fuse for 5 days, it felt like much longer as I was extremely comfortable and able to work out software on my own. Screening candidates and interviewing them came a lot easier. I had my first two client submissions, and it would be a lie if I didn’t say it felt great and felt like quite the achievement. There is still so much to learn about finding the perfect candidate and utilising all the tools we’ve been given to allow that to happen, but I believe I’m heading down the right track. Couldn’t have happened without the support of the team, and their willingness to take time out of their day to help me out. I’m very excited to see where this career will take me, but so far it’s off to a great start. Thank you Fuse SA, I am grateful.​

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