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Program Partner Testimonials

Darren Fenech

Submitted by PSC Insurance Brokers - partner

PSC were very excited to be participating in Fuse Recruitment’s Future Insure Graduate Program. We had long been lamenting the lack of awareness in the major universities about careers in insurance. The benefits of being able to recruit young people directly from university into entry level roles has been obvious to PSC for some time however we really needed someone who could manage that for us. The rollout of the program proved to be very timely and right off the bat we had two great candidates commence with us who have proven to be outstanding recruits to our business. Because Fuse were able to accurately convey the opportunities and pathways for a career in the industry, expectations have been managed, met and even exceeded. We are looking forward to receiving our next two Graduates and are confident they will prove to be every bit as successful as the first two.

Richard Coloretti

Submitted by Edgewise Insurance Brokers - partner

Fuse Recruitment make the process of identifying and recruiting insurance broking graduates easy and seamless.   Although the program is in its formative years we have found that graduates are always available, and those we have appointed are of a high calibre, having been thoroughly tested and pre-qualified from both a technical and “cultural fit” perspective.   I am sure the program will continue to evolve and will not only result in an increase in the number of young people choosing Insurance Broking as a career, but significantly increase the quality of the overall industry talent pool.   Well done team Fuse – keep up the great work!

Darren Toll

Submitted by Austbrokers Countrywide - partner

Fuse Recruitment’s Future Insure Graduate Program is leading the way with addressing the issue of developing future talent in the insurance industry. For years, all involved in the industry have known about this issue but Fuse Recruitment are actively addressing it with the implementation of their graduate program.   Identifying and then finding the future leaders of the insurance industry is a tough task that has been difficult to do. Fuse Recruitment has spent many hours scoping the needs of Brokers and the talent pools outside the normal recruitment process to enable us a strong pool of candidates to choice from. By doing this we have been able to expand our search for quality staff that will develop through our business.     In only its first year we have had access to many quality candidates and been able to employee our next generation of Brokers. We are very excited about participating in the future rounds and in turn support Fuse Recruitments desire for growth in the insurance industry.  

Richard Coloretti

Submitted by Edgewise Insurance Brokers - partner

Recruiting graduates is an exhausting process! Having ongoing access to a pool of graduates that have been pre-qualified means we can not only respond quickly to fill these roles, but have confidence we will be getting quality graduates who have a genuine desire to forge a career in insurance.

Cameron Watson

Submitted by Fuse Recruitment - partner

This program continues to support the development of the Insurance industry with a strong supply of new talent and future leaders.