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16 Reasons Why You Should Hire Grads

16 Reasons Why You Should Hire Grads

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Because we couldn't stop at 10 ...

  1. They are drivenand enthusiastic

  2. They are also socially and environmentally conscious

  3. They are are flexible

  4. They set businesses up for the future

  5. They are keen to learn and progress

  6. Graduates are affordable / have a reduced salary

  7. There is proven ROI when hiring grads

  8. Grads are ready to mould / a blank canvas for you to shape

  9. They have solid transferable business skills

  10. They bring new perspectives

  11. Grads offer speed to value

  12. They are tech savvy

  13. Tertiary studies have taught them to work well to deadlines

  14. They are fast learners

  15. Grads bring fresh ideas and new skills

  16. You can hire on potential, not experience

At Fuse, we are passionate about our chosen industry specialisations and as an industry, it’s been an ongoing challenge to attract graduate candidates to the Insurance market. There is a lack of true natural progression to the industry via education pathways, with no specific university degree to highlight what a fantastic and versatile industry it is.

We discovered this was a challenge many of our Clients faced and so, we created our Future Insure Graduate Program, which launched in July 2018. We've partnered with a range of key businesses in the Insurance market to create a tailored and unique program that simply works for both our Clients and our Graduate Candidates.

At Fuse Recruitment, we are passionate about Insurance and want to play our part in supporting the long-term development of the industry through a pipeline of new talent and future industry leaders. Since the launch of Future Insure, we have introduced in excess of 50 happy graduates into the Insurance industry and have been nominated for multiple awards for industry innovation.

You can learn more about our Future Insure Graduate Program (including hearing from our graduates and program partners themselves) here!