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Meet our Recruitment Consultant Team

Have you met our Recruitment Consultants?

To provide optimal recruitment consulting services, our consultants work in channels which are aligned to their experience, industry knowledge and connections.

Aligning their work with their passion means each consultant is devoted to providing long-lasting and meaningful outcomes to their clients and candidates. Whether you are in the Insurance, Wealth Management, Manufacturing, Infrastructure or Utilities, you can rely on our consultants to understand the working dynamics that are unique to your industry.

Our ability to offer specialised recruitment consultancy services stems from our consultants’ keen eyes and competence in recognising the technical skills, behavioural characteristics and qualifications which would be suited to your business and industry. Their industry knowledge means they know where to search, who to contact and how to develop ideal messaging to engage the right candidates for your business.

Fuse’s consultants are equipped with the industry’s leading technology and platforms that other recruitment consulting services may lack. While our offices are based in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, technology allows us to provide you with speed, consistency, and responsiveness, no matter your location. You’ll be provided a premium service where you get to determine how the service is tailored for your specific needs.

Access our candidate pool of over 300,000 qualified candidates who we engage with on a regular basis. Choose what skills to test for with our customisable testing platform. Relax knowing we’ll manage time sheets and performance where you require contractors or temporary solutions.

Unsure about what you’re looking for? Our consultants will use their industry experience to provide advice to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Fuse’s performance driven and optimistic offices have cultivated teams of motivated, high achievers. We host a collaborative environment where teams bounce ideas and learn from each other to create optimal recruitment consultancy services to our clients.

Our consultants are committed to continually evolving. Each consultant stays updated with current affairs within their industries; including any policies changes which may apply to our clients’ businesses or government grants which our clients may be eligible for.

If you’re interested in talent management solutions for your business, contact one of our consultants today and get connected to a network of people who will take your business beyond its goals.