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Interview Tips: Do's & Dont's

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It is completely normal to feel nervous before a job interview. It doesn't matter whether it's for your first part time job, or a CEO position at a highly successful organisation, an interview can be a daunting task. Did you know your first impression can count for just as much as your qualifications and capabilities do? The natural feeling is that you want to nail every aspect of the interview to ensure you are the best candidate in the running for the role. Check out these DO'S and DONT'S to help you nail that interview!



  • Arrive at your interview early
  • Research the company
  • Dress smartly
  • Come prepared and ask questions
  • Answer with specific examples
  • Follow up your interview



  • Lie about experience/qualifications
  • Talk badly about a previous employer
  • Make a point about enquiring about leave
  • Have poor body language



  • Presentation is key
  • Make the most of skills and experienc
  • Don't forget about your references
  • Read the job advert for instructions about your cover letter and resume